Name: Solve et Coagula OÜ (Dissolve and Coagulate)
Activity: providing sheltered workshop opportunities for people with mental disorders, teaching them craft skills in woodwork.
Target group: people with mental disorders, people with decreased working ability,vulnerable people. The social enterprise Solve et Coagula was established in 2013 Solve et Coagula was founded in 2013. The direction of the private limited company is: social entrepreneurship, by which we mean entrepreneurship that aims to solve some of the bottlenecks in society. We do this by selling our products and services. In other words, a social enterprise acts in order to achieve a chosen specific social goal, using the income earned from entrepreneurship.
The social purpose of social enterprises means their direct contribution to people’s livelihood, well-being and to the sustainability of the natural and living environment.
We give added value to the wood in accordance with the principles of the
circular economy, and at the same time we can offer jobs to people with no or reduced working capacity (disability people, people of special needs, mostly mental health disorders). The name of our work center is „Amanita“.
We manufacture, renovate and remodel our products predominantly from scrap and non-standard materials from large manufacturers, and our workers are predominantly people with reduced or no work capacity who work under the guidance of supervisors. At the moment, we are a social enterprise operating mainly in Pärnu.
We offer sheltered employment services to people with reduced working capacity (Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund; Social Insurance Board), training and real jobs. As part of sheltered work, we deal with simpler
woodwork and handicrafts, but our people also help with various administrative and support work. Sheltered employment is primarily intended for people who are not immediately ready to work in the open labor market because they are unable to work under normal working conditions due to disability or health.
They need constant guidance and a safe environment to find and work. We are the largest service provider in Pärnu County (over 40 workers) for people with reduced working abilities. Our rehabilitative activities increase the independence of people with special needs, reduce and help prevent the development of learned helplessness and the development of people’s institutional dependence.
Therapeutic craft gives a person an kind of a purpose and an experience of success, while helping to assess a person’s persistence, mood, willingness to act, motivation and abilities as feedback. Ideally, we try to find activities that suit the person’s abilities.

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