Villa Amanita (Adamsoni 1. Pärnu) is a center for mental health services, the doors of which opened in 2023 with the support of the European Regional Fund (ERF). In addition to services enabling residences (community living and supported living), we offer coping activities and services still related to the labor market, such as the employment support service and other labor market services. This is a direct example of how changes in the psycho-social field can also be implemented through social enterprise!

Our vision of all supporting services is based on the creation of opportunities and cooperation. What we mean by this is that people who have the will and motivation to improve their quality of life are invited to our service, because this is the only way we can get better results together. For our part, we have created both a work center and a residence unit for this purpose, we have trained personnel who help to cope with life better and set goals through meaningful activities.

We also value working as a meaningful activity. If you cannot find a job on the open labor market, creative and developmental activities can be implemented in our circular economy workshop.

On the first or plinth floor of the villa, it is possible to perform various therapeutic activities with the help of instructors as part of the daily life support service. Various club activities are also welcome, which contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our people.

Learn more about our services:

Learn more about services and opportunities in social company: +372 56647656

Villa Amanita: + 372 53006735

Services: IET (30 slots); TT (15 slots), KE (7 slots), TE (8 slots)

In addition, various trainings, supervision, seminars and therapy rounds are coming.